Sandra Morgan's Dining Room Redesign

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sandra morgan
Sandra Morgan Interiors, Inc.

For one-time Farmington resident and Wadsworth Atheneum docent Sandra Morgan, renewing the dining room felt like going home again. Also in the Greenwich designer’s hindsight was her former home. Dated 1790, it underwent continual renovations.

Morgan was first struck by how old the Residence’s dining room felt. “There was a tone of serious formality, as if you were standing in a museum. The furniture was dark, the walls above the chair rail were heavy—even the artwork was somber,” she says. “I wanted to give it an energy that would lock it into history, yet marry it to the present day.”

The bamboo-trellis wall covering was vital in the room’s transformation. Inspired by Claude Monet’s yellow-and-blue dining room in Giverny, as well as Thomas Jefferson’s bright yellow dining parlor at Monticello, Morgan wanted to “bring in the
feeling of sunlight, joy and optimism that yellow is known for.”

As for the designer’s decision to cover the ceiling, too, in a graphic print? “I had to,” she says. “It wouldn’t have been believable to put paint up there—regardless of the color.”

Now, with the 1940s table bedecked with luxe flatware and linens, “the room exudes life—even though the guests haven’t arrived,” says Morgan.


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