Sanitary Surfaces for Your Kitchen and Baths

Cabinets and countertops that are resistant to household chemicals, abrasions, and heat.

Fenix Core2

Imagine a material for your cabinets and countertops (kitchen, bath, built-ins, you name it) that is resistant to household chemicals, abrasions, and heat. That’s right, you can use household cleaners on it and never worry about a scratch or salmonella germs again. Sound to good to be true?

Fenix And Stainless

Fenix Core by eggersmann is a material made with micropores that allow it to stand up to just about anything. Not to mention, germs have no chance because household disinfectants can be used on it without any negative consequences. That means bacteria is wiped away in a jiffy.


Fenix has a matte finish with a silky feel but its luxe texture is incredibly durable. It works on countertops but is a great material for cabinets and bathroom vanities too. It stands up to acid-based solvents, can handle just about any household cleaners, is water-repellent, hygienic, and anti-fingerprint. Now that’s quite a résumé.

Watch this video to see how this amazing material is made. This description may take you back to chemistry class but we can’t help reveling in this amazing material.

Fenix comes in an extensive range of colors and can be beveled, mitered, and notched to create surfaces for your home that are truly custom and germ free.

Learn more about eggersmann, follow them on instagram @eggersmann_usa, or visit one of their showrooms to see this incredible (and totally sanitary) surface in action.