Second Skin

New creations from Black Swan’s owner, Hubert van Asch van Wyck

A 19th-century mirror and table get a new and exciting treatment reminiscent of the  Italian “art del povero” technique of covering wood surfaces with antique printed papers.  Exploiting the strong silhouette of Empire furniture, van Asch van Wyck creates wonderfully textured pieces with pages from his collection of books, some dating to the mid 1600s. A medical journal from the 1700s or pre-Civil War sheet music are his medium as he transforms otherwise heavy dark furniture into light, contemporary showpieces. After carefully cutting and affixing bookplates, he varnishes the finished work which permanently seals the paper, making it very durable. Although he occasionally uses images, he prefers to use text as a design element, which I think he does to great effect! The antique paper creates a wonderful palette of cream and buff, punctuated with rust and ochre. I can envision his pieces, which range in price from $750to  $2500, as focal points for entryways and sunny living rooms.

Black Swan Antiques
7 Kirby Rd., PO Box 1167, Washington, CT 06793
(860) 868-9094