Step Inside a Greenwich Home Creatively Revamped by Spaces of Distinction

What started as a simple kitchen renovation turned into much more.
Step Inside A Greenwich Home Creatively Revamped By Spaces Of Distinction 75

Photograph by Kim Sargent Photography

More than a decade after initially working with Spaces of Distinction on their home, a family of three in Greenwich called upon the renowned firm for a kitchen refresh. The client’s dream was a white kitchen.

That’s exactly what principal designer Denise Balassi and her team at Spaces of Distinction delivered. Established in 1995, Spaces of Distinction has navigated many changes in the design industry. They are skilled at space planning, architectural detailing, and interior design, from creating initial floor plans to placing the last decorative detail. So, when this project turned into much more, it was no problem.

Not only did a blue color story emerge when the client fell in love with a Lacanche range in French Blue, but the size of the kitchen, as well as the design of many other rooms, became ripe for changes, too.

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Photograph by Kim Sargent Photography

What started out solely to be a kitchen renovation grew into a year-long revamp with one of the goals being to increase the existing limited space of their current kitchen. To accomplish this, Denise Balassi recommended moving the back staircase to open up the space. The homeowners were hesitant, so Balassi collaborated with the architect on board to draw up plans to expand the home’s footprint and repurpose the entire first floor.

This time-consuming plan would have tripled the price ticket on the renovation, and with that in mind, the designer’s initial idea was the natural choice. Adding 150 square feet, now it is truly the kitchen of the client’s dreams. With this thoughtful transformation, there was even room to add double islands.

“We go in, we envision what a space could look like, and we introduce these concepts to people,” shares Balassi. “Oftentimes, they’ve never even thought about such possibilities.”

And this was just the beginning of many creative solutions from Spaces of Distinction as the scope of the project continued to grow.

In the foyer, Balassi devised the plan of floating the staircase and taking out the “balcony to nowhere” that hugged the wall. This structural adjustment instantly created a more modern and open feel. Spaces of Distinction also designed the custom balustrade and millwork. Conceptualizing construction changes and designing down to the last detail, what can’t they do?

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Photograph by Kim Sargent Photography

With the furnishings, décor, and new flooring, timeless was the word. The inspiration from the blue Lacanche is far-reaching, with blue hues flowing from the bold cabinetry of the butler’s pantry to the chairs in the adjacent family room and on. Balassi also revamped the master suite and guest bedroom, updated the guest bath, and redesigned the son’s bedroom with an enlarged closet and renovated bathroom.

A fresher and more current atmosphere exists in the home now after carefully changing some of the more traditional elements. But, not every change was monumental. Simple updates like moving the kitchen eat-in area into a space with more windows were balanced by bigger decisions like enlarging a small upstairs office to become the new laundry room.

Each reimagined element gives the home new life and it’s safe to say the homeowners’ 10,000-square-foot abode has now closed one chapter and opened another.

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Photograph by Ellen McDermott Photography

With renovations big or small, many people don’t understand the process until they go through it. Changing your home can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you don’t do it right the first time around. That’s why choosing the right professionals to work with is key.

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Photograph by Ellen McDermott Photography

Spaces of Distinction is certainly an expert at guiding homeowners through the process and working with clients to bring their vision to life. They also introduce innovative design options the client never imagined before to create a home that exceeds expectations.

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