Step Inside the Luxury Concept Experience at The Perfect Provenance

Perfect ProvenanceHow did the idea of The Perfect Provenance come about?

I spent 25 years working in luxury goods marketing, non profit and cultural organizations public relations. Through my career, I was able to travel extensively and be introduced to incredible designers, organizations and products. I had wanted to open a retail store and restaurant for a long time, The Perfect Provenance brings everything I love into one place.

What kinds of products can a consumer find at the store?

We are a luxury lifestyle store that features men's and women's fashion, home decor, art and gifts. We are located in a 1912 Victorian home that has been renovated and includes a first floor cafe as well.

Tell us more about the concept of featuring products through a theme?

We are a gallery for the senses and we host new exhibitions every 10-12 weeks. Our exhibitions inform every aspect of our experience — food, fashion and decor. Our exhibitions can be inspired by culture, travel or design. It's fun for us and fun for our clients, we try to bring them a unique experience at every turn.

Perfect Provance Perfect Provance Greenwich

We love that The Perfect Provenance has a restaurant in the store. Tell us more about the food/menu.

We are a small restaurant with an amazing cafe — it allows us to create a very special menu with locally sourced ingredients and a menu that reflects the current exhibition. Our cafe is an integral part of our experience and we love hosting clients for private events, celebrations and more.

Perfect Provenance Home TourWhat are some of your favorite pieces from the store?

We wanted to bring new designers and brands to our clients that they may have never heard of before, that feeling of discovery you have when you go on vacation and find a special boutique. We have introduced clients to tabletop from UK-based LSA International which has been a big favorite, women's fashion from Paris designers Vanessa Bruno & Max & Moi and more.

Tell us more about the history of the house?

From what were able to research, the home was built in 1912 and has only had three or four owners. We believe the first owner was actually a retailer in town on Greenwich Avenue which we think is perfect for us. We completely renovated the home but wanted to pay homage to it's Victorian style — we have many design elements specific to the period.

For instance, we created a Victorian style bathroom with a modern herringbone floor but vintage toilet and fixtures; a British imported Victorian fireplace, our logo in the front hallway with penny rounds in the floor — and the original beveled windowed front door that we retrieved and restored from the basement (I love it!).

Anything else to add?

The greatest joy of our business is the people we meet and the conversation the house inspires. People are hungry for conversation and connecting and I just love the sense of community from being a local shop keeper.

For more information, please visit The Perfect Provenance.