Style Setters

What's your favorite picnic pleasure?






 “I love bringing along some cheese, smoked salmon,
and a bottle of wine."

—Carter Oosterhouse, HGTV host







“I’m not a big picnic person, but the other day I took some sandwiches to Long Beach. It’s rocky there, and I sat out on some boulders so I didn’t get sand in my food! It was beautiful.”

—Toni Ross, artist/restaurateur





“Lobster rolls on Gibson Beach in Sagaponack.
When I’m there I like to watch the surfers and paddleboarders in the late afternoon, an hour or so before the sun sets.”

—Elliot Weiss, dermatologist


“I pack fresh grilled corn, local tomatoes, and homemade lobster salad—all local and all delicious—and head to Towd Point around sunset. For dessert, banana cream pie.”

—Kirk Basnight, restaurateur





“My husband and I have a couple of secret bay spots where we sneak away to go swimming. Sometimes I bring a turkey meatloaf that’s good cold, and maybe some watermelon. And there’s cookies, always cookies.”

—Mary Schoenlein, owner, Mary’s Marvelous