Style Setters

What's your favorite summer sport?

“I’ve always loved water polo. It’s a hard sport, and what you see on the surface isn’t all that’s going on under the water, with people grabbing your leg and trying to pull you under!”
—Nathan Orsman, lighting designer

“I love all sports—including polo, of course, but also tennis, squash, golf, basketball, and cycling. With polo, there’s the added bonus of a relationship with an animal at the highest level.” —Peter Brant, businessman





“What could be more perfect than tennis? There’s nothing better than the combo of a short, flirty skirt and practice with a handsome tennis pro!”
–Alexa Hampton, designer






“Yoga has something for my inner and outer selves—kind of like the East End, in a way. And I never would have thought a sport could get anyone in such great shape. Let’s just say I’ve been humbled.”
—Martha McCully, writer





“I’ve recently gotten into stand-up paddleboarding. I want to be the girl who travels around with a board on her truck, ready to get in the water anywhere, anytime.”
—Diana Frank, photographer