Textile Designer Caitlin Wilson Launches New Collection

Interior designer Caitlin Wilson has traveled the globe pulling inspiration from every place visited. Heavily influenced by French style, architecture and florals, in 2011, Wilson launched her namesake brand, Caitlin Wilson Textiles. Her love of color and pattern spurred beautiful creations of pillows, fabric, wallpaper, and rugs.

Unique to Wilson’s brand, all textiles in her collections are designed to be versatile and build upon one another year after year so that pieces can seamlessly be mixed and matched. Her signature “traditional with a twist” incorporates fresh color, textures, and patterns to fashion sophisticated, intricate designs that bring comfort and style to any space.

Wilson’s recently launched Amira Collection features beautiful and unique designs created in non-traditional patterns with exquisite hues that effortlessly coordinates with an array of hand-knotted rugs, pillows and patterns to pull an elegant room together. Each piece in the collection is its own piece of art.

An artful approach to contemporary chic, Wilson reinvented pattern and now with days stretching longer and the temperature on the rise it is exciting to welcome spring with a new collection of stunning Caitlin Wilson textiles.

How did you become a textile designer?

My husband's job took us overseas to Dubai and Hong Kong and I found myself working with local and international design clients. I was struggling to find designer quality fabrics to work with so I began drawing patterns with a sharpie in my apartment and took them to the garment district to try to find a printer. Thanks to a friend I met at church, I was able to put the patterns into repeat. From there, one thing led to another! Six months later we moved back to the US, I created my website Caitlin Wilson Textiles and was shipping them out of the third bedroom of our apartment while my husband was in business school.

What is the inspiration behind the Amira Collection?

The Amira collection was inspired by one of our antique inspired rug patterns. We wanted to create a textile that could evoke that same traditional feel in a unique geometric pattern but with our fresh, signature color palette.

Describe your creative/design process.

Typically, my creative process starts with color but this collection was a little more focused on the Amira pattern itself. My design team began by taking the rug pattern and reworking the pattern to fit into a much smaller scale and then testing and trying several different color ways. It usually takes us about 3 strike-offs or samples to get to the winner. When we design a collection as a whole, we pull Pantone colors and other colors that exist in our collection and create the entire palette for both rugs and pillows. We always keep the other products in the line in back of mind so our customers can easily coordinate and design with different products and have confidence that the colors will work well together.

What textures and colors do you enjoy working with the most?

Linens tend to be our go-to, but I'm really enjoying working with silks right now! Printed and woven silk have pushed me to design differently and they add a really luxe touch to our palettes. I'm often referred to as the "pink and blue" gal… I even had some designers come up to me at market recently and call me that! I do love pink and blue- my first hero pattern and collection was blue and pink. What began as navy, soft blue, and poppy pink, has evolved into more of a blush and French blue palette. I've always been a color enthusiast- I love purple and green and we're even doing yellow later this season!

How would you say your surroundings have influenced your work?

Traveling for sure! All the different places that I've lived have heavily influenced my designs and work. For example, geometrics of the Middle East played a huge part in my original patterns and early collections. Asian florals in chinoiserie screens and porcelain inspired my first floral pattern that I drew in my Hong Kong apartment, and still continue to evolve my detailed florals today.

What keeps driving you forward in your creative journey?

I'm constantly motivated to create patterns and color palettes that I can't find in the market. My intention with the website was to create a place where the public could access beautiful, designer quality original fabrics without being or hiring a designer.

What’s next for you?

We've got so many exciting projects in the pipelines including some fun collaborations coming in 2020. Look forward for new types of rugs and accessories that we're so excited about!