The 3 Essentials of Teak Furniture You Need to Know

Learn about the timeless material that lasts long after trends are forgotten.
3 Essentials Of Teak Furniture You Need To Know Westminster Teak Dining Oceanview Sectional B

Photograph courtesy of Westminster Teak

With people spending more time at home than ever, the desire to have beautiful and lasting outdoor spaces is strong. Outdoor living is an integral part of home design and no longer an afterthought. Having well-curated alfresco retreats has also become an essential part of boutique hotels and resorts, as well as residential homes. But, what furnishings should you choose and why?

New materials such as high-performance synthetic wicker and rope have contributed to making the outdoor space a more exciting proposition. But teak, a long-time classic, has shown staying power in its quintessential quality of timelessness and its immunity to trends. It has been used for furniture making, flooring, buildings, and oceangoing vessels for over 2,000 years since the Indian-Roman trade. It is still the wood of choice for luxury yachts today. An expert on the material, Mal Haddad, the Corporate VP of luxury furniture brand Westminster Teak, is sharing three characteristics in teak that make it invaluable and a high contender in the luxury outdoor furniture space for 2021 and beyond.

Sustainability for the Environment

As a raw material, teak lasts far longer than the average resin-based wicker or metal furniture that is environmentally less eco-friendly. Additionally, many in the industry are making sustainability a pre-requisite in their projects not only to be eco-friendly but LEED compliant.

As teak furniture is the primary offering of Westminster Teak and plantation teak is the essential raw material, they are by default a green company. All the teak used in the manufacture of Westminster Teak’s furniture is from sustainably harvested, credibly certified plantations under the strict management of the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. Their factory was the first to join Nusa Hijau, the Indonesian Chapter of the Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN), an initiative of WWF®(World Wildlife Fund). It was created to eliminate illegal logging, improve the management of threatened forests, promote biodiversity and the livelihoods of the people that depend on them. Today, Westminster Teak is both SVLK and FSC certified, ensuring transparency and traceability of the origins of the wood used in their furniture.

3 Essentials Of Teak Furniture You Need To Know Westminster Teak Maya

Photograph courtesy of Westminster Teak

3 Essentials Of Teak Furniture You Need To Know Westminster Teak Chaise

Photograph courtesy of Westminster Teak

Longevity in Performance

Though many are drawn to teak’s beauty and organic feel, most do not fully understand the material, its durability and low maintenance. This is key in appreciating the investment an expertly crafted piece of teak furniture brings.

Teak is a durable hardwood with dense grain and high natural oil content; qualities that afford it little or no care. It’s the material of choice for its sheer beauty and dependability. Its high oil and silica content make it highly resistant to rotting, warping or splitting, allowing it to withstand the extremities of weather including sun, rain, and snow. For these unique properties in strength and stability, teak has been for centuries and still is the enduring material used in shipbuilding, and of course, furniture making. Its high natural oil content also means it has a comparatively low coefficient of thermal expansion, i.e. it does not expand and contract in humid environments, in contact with water, or even when submerged (in water) over extended periods of time.

While it is among the most expensive materials for outdoor furniture, teak’s strong appeal is in its elegance and longevity. Synthetic wicker, rope, sling, stainless steel, and aluminum furniture all have their place and purpose, but depending on the design, these can fall into the trendy category.

3 Essentials Of Teak Furniture You Need To Know Westminster Teak Dining Oceanview

Photograph courtesy of Westminster Teak

Timelessness in Design

Though not for everyone, teak is rooted in tradition appealing to the senses in its warmth to the touch, patinas gracefully over time, and with little care, ages beautifully. Design plays an integral part in the philosophy and narrative at Westminster Teak. Working with a high valued material such as teak demands that designs are thoughtful and timeless. After all, these pieces of furniture will endure the test of time and weather.

Good design comes from being passionate about every detail of the craft, from concept to consumer. Since teak is a material that lasts a very long time, the furniture design should project a sense of permanence. It should resonate with the notion of form and function, and how we live with the furniture, cherished over generations. The design should be as relevant now as it was 50 years ago and 50 years from now! Westminster Teak designs are as timeless and enduring as the material itself.

3 Essentials Of Teak Furniture You Need To Know Westminster Teak Veranda

Photograph courtesy of Westminster Teak

Teak furniture will continue to play a pivotal role and hold its own in the luxury outdoor market segment. Today’s consumer has better access to information to be able to sift through the plethora of offerings and make a choice that will last for generations. A well-designed and beautifully crafted piece of teak furniture endures over time, season after season, year after year…Long after trends are forgotten.

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