The DXV Design Panel Inspires a New Advertising Campaign

The island sports a Fresno facuet; floor tile is custom by Tile Bar.CTC&G recently sat down with designer Richard Anuszkiewicz, part of the DXV Design Panel program and the creator of a kitchen featured in the new DXV American Standard advertising campaign.

How did this project come about with the DXV Design Panel?
DXV by American Standard launched its design panel two years ago in an effort to engage the design community in a new way. This program is a designer’s dream world with no boundaries or limitations, and last year was even more special because the rooms were part of a full advertising campaign. I could not have been more honored to be on the 2016 DXV Design Panel.

What are the standout design elements in this kitchen?
My inspiration was New York City in the 1920s. It was important to evoke the influence of the Art Deco movement without doing a literal take on that time period. I wanted the kitchen to be futuristic and forward thinking. The space is separated into two functional areas—the primary cooking area (range, refrigerator, prep sink) and then the back area (butler’s pantry and storage). Instead of a literal divide between the two spaces, I created a glass wine storage structure with suspended bottles. This element provides separation, while still allowing a sense of openness.

What makes this kitchen look so glamorous?
The material mix is bold and eye-catching. I travel nationally with a CEU presentation that discusses the convergence of luxury fashion and interior design. It was important to me to take the materials of this space to the next level and explore the idea of haute couture fashion. I executed materials in ways people do not typically see. For example, the back butler’s pantry features caramel ostrich leather doors. What makes this material mix work is that the geometries of the room are all simplistic and streamlined. Each object has a very pure form and shape. This allowed for exotic materials to really shine and make a statement without being too overwhelming to the eye.

A Crystal Empire chandelier by Swarovski is reflected in a Raw Urth vent hood above the La Cornue range.Which products did you specify from DXV and why?
The island has a 30-inch Hillside sink in a flush-mount application with the Fresno kitchen faucet. This faucet is great for an island because it has a wonderful sense of refinement. The contemporary pot filler is recessed to the left side of the range in a copper niche. This pot filler is my favorite piece; it’s a sculptural gem. In the butler’s pantry, we have a 36-inch Hillside sink. It’s a fresh approach to a classic apron front with its bold stainless steel finish. The Fresno culinary faucet in the butler’s pantry has a great utilitarian presence.

What are some of your favorite design elements in this kitchen?
The range wall vignette is inspired by the idea of super cars. The anchoring item is the La Cornue Carbon Chateau 150 range. This range in a carbon fiber body gives a contemporary twist to a beloved classic. Flanking either side of the range are custom grill front drawer cabinets, the material is what you would find on the front of a sports car. Above the range, there’s a showstopping polished stainless hood by Raw Urth. The shape has been streamlined, and the slight arched lines were inspired by the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

A version of this article appeared in the January 2017 issue of CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens) with the headline: Creating Higher Standards.