The Key to Creating Happier and Healthier Homes

Here's how to rejuvenate your spaces with more light, more views, and more fresh air.
Create A Happier And Healthier Home Marvin Windows Skycove Awaken Sitting Area Kitchen

Photograph courtesy of Marvin

There’s no question that collectively as a world, we have been through it in the past year. Our lives became busier than ever and home became our universe. As we hopefully inch toward brighter days, why not reinvigorate your home to make it a happier and healthier place to be? If you’re on board with that, there are a few sure-fire things to add.

Many people gravitate to the room in their residence where light always shines or views abound. It’s only natural since spaces that bring in more sunshine, fresh air, and peeks of nature feed the soul. With this in mind, Marvin has come out with two new products that can work wonders for your well-being and stress levels. Hint: Windows might just become the favorite design element of your home.

Create A Happier And Healthier Home Marvin Windows Skycove Awaken Exterior

Photograph courtesy of Marvin

Marvin Skycove

A people-first design, Skycove provides more light, a stronger connection with the outdoors, and encourages social interaction as the whole family can unwind in this modern window seat. Sunlight floods this cozy nook from three sides and from above. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, it is a projected glass structure that adds 20-square-feet to your house and a unique spot to gather.

Marvin married its 100 years of industry expertise with a forward-thinking design that delivers an immersive experience. It can feel like you’re sitting in a rain shower or in the forest for completely rejuvenating moments away from emails and interruptions. Of course, you can also work from home here surrounded by glimmering snow or blossoming trees and let creative energy wash over you.

Marvin Awaken

What could be better than living in spaces with unparalleled light and blue skies overhead? You gain all this and more with Marvin’s innovative new Awaken skylights. And these are not your average skylights.

With a touch of a button, they open or close so fresh air can stream in effortlessly and uplift you. While playing teacher, chef, CEO, or whatever hats you wear these days, it’s bliss to have the ease of control and one less thing to think about. Sensors even close the skylights when rain is detected, talk about having a helping hand at home.

Create A Happier And Healthier Home Marvin Windows Awaken Night

Photograph courtesy of Marvin

When the sun goes down, supplemental, adjustable lighting casts the ideal color temperature of natural light—supporting circadian rhythm, easing transitions from day to night, and helping people feel better at home no matter where they live, what time of year it is, or which direction their house faces.

Create A Happier And Healthier Home Marvin Windows Awaken Phone

Photograph courtesy of Marvin

Research has shown that natural light improves people’s sense of well-being, so these cutting-edge innovations from Marvin can add much more to your life than just stunning style. Brighter and more relaxed living is just an installation away, and you deserve it.

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