The Latest "Site-Unspecific" Buildings

Living Room Trends

In the world of architecture, a single building can be a work of art standing out amongst the rest. Complex designs have skyrocketed to fame with eye-catching buildings that look as though they’ve been plucked from one city and dropped into another. Defying the norms, like a fish out of water, these buildings transport onlookers and create extraordinary statements.

Standing out among the many skyscrapers along NYC’s skyline, a world away from the beaches of South Florida, a quintessential Miami style condo tower sits in the heart of Manhattan. Featuring 25 floors of wraparound terraces and white exterior columns, the building lights up the night. At 200 East 59th Street, the condo boasts a clean, modern aesthetic with each apartment showing off stunning views through floor to ceiling windows.

Dubbed the “Jenga” tower, rising at 690-feet in Texas, The Independent encapsulates the bold and innovative spirit of Austin. This iconic design allows its residents to live in luxury with nearly protected views and an abundance of amenities, including an infinity edge heated pool on the 9th floor. Its distinctive design reflects the vibrant lifestyle of the surrounding neighborhood.

In Vancouver, a living sculpture takes shape among the skyline. At first glance, you might even mistake the for one of Dubai's famous twisted towers. This unique Creative Space and Marketplace features clean, modern finishing while exercising creativity and originality. The new build goes far beyond the architectural styles expected to create a piece of art.