The Personal Attention of a Concierge Has Become a Standard Feature of Luxury Buildings

The Grand Salon at the new Harrison.The Grand Salon at the harrison

Long an amenity of high-end hotels, the round-the- clock personal attention of a concierge has also become a standard feature of luxury buildings. As in hotels, they can help with restaurant reservations and wakeup calls, but they are also there to help with everything from putting grocery deliveries into the fridge to getting a last-minute gift. For clients of top San Francisco agent Nina Hatvany, concierge service is a big part of the attraction of high-rise living. “For busy professionals, it’s great to have someone handling package delivery and home maintenance,” she says. What new heights can the concierge reach? We looked into the service offerings at some of the most desirable properties in the city to find out.

The Grand Salon at the new Harrison.the grand salon of the harrison

One of standard-bearers in concierge services, the Four Seasons, has an “anticipatory” approach, like that of a wonderfully thoughtful aunt. “When someone comes back and isn’t feeling well, we’ll ask if we can send up some tea or chicken soup from the restaurant,” says Esty Lawrie, the director of residences at the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco. A three-bedroom penthouse unit at the building is currently on the market; it’s listed by Sotheby’s Betty Brachman for $9.9 million. The Four Seasons lifestyle is also arriving in Napa Valley soon; its new Calistoga resort, which will have its own winery, is scheduled to open in 2018. It will offer 20 two-bedroom villas for sale, featuring interiors designed by A-lister Erin Martin.

The NEMA's lobby touchscreens.the nema's lobby touchscreen

At two luxury rental buildings, NEMA in SoMa and Jasper in Rincon Hill, the amenities are top-notch and include a full-service concierge. Developer Crescent Heights also provides a custom app and touchscreens in the lobbies so that residents can click to call up their car and make other routine requests. The human concierges can thus devote the bulk of their time to personal assistance. “We’re combining the attentive service that you’d get at the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons, supplemented with the ease of technology,” says Roman Speron, Crescent Heights’ regional manager. Crescent Heights’ upcoming property in L.A., Ten Thousand, will have a “lifestyle concierge” that will secure hard-to-get restaurant reservations and plan trips, as well as a “tech concierge” that will provide in-home tech support.

A tasty kitchen at the Harrison.a kitchen at the harrison

Maximus Real Estate Partners, the owner of the Harrison, a new condominium building in SoMa, is contracting with New York–based Luxury Attaché to deliver what they believe to be the ne plus ultra of concierge services. “We wanted to set a new standard for services and service delivery in San Francisco,” says Curt Alexander, a partner at Maximus. “We first looked locally, and I didn’t believe anyone delivered at the global level.” The company’s attachés are responsible for assisting residents of 48 luxury developments nationwide, including One57 and the Plaza Residences in New York. The attaché develops detailed client profiles (Are they allergic to down? Do they prefer an aisle seat?) in order to provide truly personalized assistance. They are prepared to help residents with a range of services, including corporate event planning, personal shopping, and art curation and installation. One could get used to this.