These Are the Hottest Pool Trends You'll See This Summer

A stunning Yountville residence pool with submerged stadium seating.The pool is the heart of a home’s outdoor space,” says Justin Hafen, co-founder of Napa-based residential development firm Hurley Hafen. “Part of what we love about hotels and going on vacation is having that pool experience.” In the California luxury residential market, having an aquatic amenity in your own backyard is an essential element of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. We consulted designers and pool specialists to find out what’s making a splash.

The very latest in pool technology is the Hydrofloor. Launched in 2007, it has been implemented throughout Europe, but is just starting to show up in the Bay Area. A pool floor that rises into place, it enables homeowners to reclaim the surface space. “It’s the coolest thing. When you’re not using the pool, it can just be a patio,” says Todd Hendrickson of Aquascape, a pool design and construction company. Hendrickson recently installed a $1 million pool with the technology
in Palo Alto.

The innovative Hydrofloor enables owners to enjoy pool or patio.Automatic pool covers are de rigueur. Not only are they turnkey, but also promote sustainability by retaining heat and reducing water evaporation.

Infinity-edge pools continue to be extremely popular, featuring hardscaping that is perfectly level with the water. One type, the wet-deck pool, “creates a lovely mirrored effect,” says associate principal Glenda Flaim of Butler Armsden Architects, who designed one for an Atherton estate. Infinity edge pools can also leverage the Bay Area’s hillsides, achieving seamless views.

When you’re in the mood for a relaxed dip instead of a swim, comfortable pool seating is key. Stadium steps like those integrated into the pool at 5241 Big Ranch Road in Yountville (a Hurley Hafen project on the market for $17.5 million) provide a comfortable place for lounging.

The innovative Hydrofloor enables owners to enjoy pool or patio.With both aesthetic and practical benefits, integrated hot tubs—in which the tub appears to be part of the pool—are also still popular. In addition to maintaining the clean lines of the pool, proximity makes it easy to cool off and for parents to be close to their swimming children.

When it comes to color, handsome dark blue and gray finishes—rather than traditional white plaster—are the modern option; they also provide a sense of depth and are more reflective. The most durable finish is tile, and a range of fabulous options—think Bisazza—are available.