These East End Homes Boast Award-Winning Interiors

See the Interior Design category's winner, runner-up, and finalists from this year's Hamptons IDAs.

Winner: Marie-Christine Design

Decorator Marie-Christine McNally created this tranquil abode for a family of five who relocated to the East End from Tribeca, employing “a largely neutral, soothing palette with lots of texture, making the rooms both stimulating and relaxing,” says judge Melanie Roy. “Refined” is how judge Jayne Michaels describes the interiors, adding that the “furnishings are comfortable, and nothing is too precious.” Judge Joan Michaels agrees heartily, fantasizing about “relaxing on the daybed with a glass of white wine” while admiring the introduction of vintage furnishing pieces, which “give everything a warm patina.”

Runner-Up: BoND Architecture and Interior Design

Bond Easthampton 10151

Photograph by Chris Mottalini

A yearlong gut renovation of this historic cottage in East Hampton involved a major architectural change: incorporating a series of internal archways that span the length of the first floor. By doing so, New York City– based BoND Architecture & Interior Design achieved the project’s primary objective of enhancing the overall spatial flow, which is underscored by a series of judiciously decorated rooms imbued with a Scandinavian serenity. “The materiality is extremely thoughtful and well detailed,” comments judge Bryan Young.

Finalist: Oza Sabbeth Architects

Oza Sabbeth Interior Design Finalist

Photograph by Matt Kisiday

In many of the renovation projects Oza Sabbeth Architects undertakes, the firm adheres to what it calls “radical reimaginations,” whereby the team works to retain as much of the original bones of a house as possible, instead of demolishing and rebuilding. The same principle applies to interior furnishings—in this instance, an array of pieces collected over the years by the clients and reintroduced to the home in different ways. Not surprisingly, notes judge Joan Michaels, “the colors of the furniture are harmonious with the architecture of the house.”

Finalist: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Slr Interior Design Finalist

Photograph by Matthew Carbone

“The interiors of this house,” say its designers, “were conceived in tandem with the architecture, with the exterior layering of planes and volumes continuing inside through the use of platforms and walls to create an interplay between privacy and openness.” The tone is set in the entry, which features a stunning water view as its focal point while also dividing the home into public and private areas. Throughout the structure, a palette of white oak enhanced by black and white accents in wood, tile, and plaster lends a “stark, graphic, artful” appeal, notes judge Jayne Michaels.

Finalist: Tamara Magel Interiors

Tamara Magel Interiors

Photograph courtesy of Tamara Magel Design

Black and white are at their best in the hands of decorator Tamara Magel, who used both colors to maximum effect in this new house in Water Mill. Here, otherwise daring black walls are intentionally offset by a white coffered ceiling, delivering both graphic punch and a dreamy living area enhanced by furnishings and accessories from sources such as Monc XIII, StudioTwentySeven, and Holly Hunt. Jayne Michaels admires how the “nice balance of soft shapes and constructed elements” creates an effect that’s “strong, yet inviting.”

Finalist: Tara Kantor Interiors

Tara Kantor Interiors Bath

Photograph by Adam Kane Macchia

“Lovely, comfortable, and dreamy” is how Joan Michaels describes the interiors of this new build in the heart of Amagansett. Decorator Tara Kantor fashioned clean-lined, thoroughly modern rooms rich in texture and natural materials, imbuing every nook and corner with a sense of calm and elegance. The edge of the kitchen island, for example, is softened with a subtle curve; a few steps down, the dining area neatly functions both as its own entity and as connective tissue to the home’s other public areas; and a beautiful materials palette is employed throughout, down to the flush backsplash in the powder room.

The print version of this article appeared with the headline: 2023 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards.