This $3 Million Noe Valley Gem Aims to Receive the Highest LEED Rating Possible

The sitting room of a LEED Platinum condo in Noe Valley available for $3 million.San Francisco is a standard bearer for environmental consciousness: It has some of the country’s most stringent requirements for green building. Indeed, the city recently became the first major metropolis in the U.S. to mandate solar panels on new commercial and residential buildings that are 10 floors or less in height. With the bar already set so high, some new projects are going to considerable lengths to advance sustainable design.  

The national LEED certification program continues to be the most recognized benchmark of “greenness.” It uses third-party verification to give a stamp of approval to homes such as 149 and 151 29th Street in Noe Valley, which are aiming for the highest rating of LEED Platinum. Priced at close to $3 million and represented by Wendy Storch at Sotheby’s, the two condominiums feature solar electricity and hot water, as well as finishes such as Fireclay recycled glass tile. (visit for more information). “It’s quite rare in San Francisco to be able to do new construction,” says designer/developer Susan Gujral of RE+Habit Design. “We had the opportunity to do the most we could with materials, technology and construction, so we wanted to see how far we could take it.”

4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
$2.95 Million

Contact: Wendy Storch at Sotheby's International Realty,

A fireplace anchors the living room.A fireplace anchors the living room.


A peek at the modern kitchen.A peek at the modern kitchen.


There is a formal dining area adjacent to the kitchen.There is a formal dining area adjacent to the kitchen.


The master bedroom features a cozy window seat.A bedroom features a cozy window seat.


One of the condo's three full bathrooms.One of the condo's three full bathrooms.