Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First-Ever Hardware Line

The world-renowned designer believes these 4 distinct collections with Accurate "fill a gap in the offerings that are currently available on the market.”

Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First Ever Hardware Line 1080x7205

People say light fixtures are the jewelry of home design, but hardware certainly is as well. It has the ability to add an unexpected pop of personality and style anywhere. Influenced by the worlds of architecture, design, art, and lifestyle, the Thom Filicia for Accurate line of door hardware just launched and it’s a must-see. Pairing design with the industry’s finest manufacturing technologies at Accurate Lock & Hardware, it offers a strong and sophisticated mix of textures, finishes, and materials available for a variety of openings.

It all started when Filicia and Accurate connected at High Point and decided this was a perfect pairing. A little over a year and many steps later, the time has come to share their exciting collaboration with the world. To introduce it properly, Thom Filicia is here to personally walk you through his first-ever hardware line, which includes 4 distinct collections.

Designed to be interchangeable, each is comprised of knob and lever styles that pair with a variety of backplates, all custom created by the world-renowned designer with Accurate—and 100% made in the USA.

Collection #1 | Carrera

Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First Ever Hardware Line 1080x72011

“The Carrera is a premium sculptural lever inspired by the back detail on the classic Porsche® 911 Carrera, while the complimentary round knob captures the original wheel design.”

Described in a Phrase: Bold and dynamic with tailored elegance

Thom’s Tips: The Carrera lever paired with the rectangle escutcheon plate is a beautiful choice for a front entry door that makes a statement. It can be carried through the rest of a residence by introducing the knob and pairing it with a rose option, like the Convex Square. A smaller version of the levers may be perfect for patio doors—especially when paired with the Carrera finial to dress up hinges and create consistency throughout.

Collection #2 | Aurora

Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First Ever Hardware Line 1080x720

“This unique collection utilizes elements from our wallpaper collection with MDC & Winfield Thybony incorporating textured elements into the faces of the hardware. Using laser etching technology, the pattern is replicated on the hardware with a multi-tonal aesthetic. Additional styles include a herringbone detail, hand-hammered faces as well as the actual wallpaper being used and protected by a ceramic coating.”

Described in a Phrase: Texture plays against clean lines and modern materiality

Thom’s Tips: The collection is designed to coordinate as opposed to match, and the beauty is in combining different silhouettes together. The Aurora styles showcase a variety of stunning inlays and are a great way to incorporate the look and feel of jewelry into your home.

Collection #3 | Henderson

Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First Ever Hardware Line 1080x72020

“The Henderson collection offers an array of faceted jewel-like round, square, and hexagon knobs as well as two levers in a hex and round design. This collection is very versatile, especially when we introduce different backplates and finishes which makes it a real crowd pleaser.”

Described in a Phrase: Classic approach with a modern sensibility

Thom’s Tips: Pair the Henderson Lever or Knob with a Concave Rose to have it really dance off the door and create a beautiful shadow line.

Collection #4 | Granby

Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First Ever Hardware Line 1080x72016

“Granby is more traditional and Georgian inspired, but in a clean and simple way. The end detail of the lever really plays off the knob to feel intentional and sophisticated. The classic style fits into the overall approach to creating designs that feel timely, yet timeless.”

Described in a Phrase: Luxurious livability & subtle sophistication

Thom’s Tips: The Granby Knob and Lever work beautifully together because they don’t exactly match, which is the genius of the collection! Mix different backplates and finishes to create a truly personalized look.

A few more questions for Thom…

What was your favorite part about working with Accurate on your first hardware line?

“Working with Accurate was a dream. Their process & capabilities of creating jewelry-like hardware and their manufacturing capabilities and material resources were unparallel. We were so excited about what we were able to accomplish with these designs and are looking forward to future introductions – It’s incredible that we were able to create this entire collection faster than you can get a sofa!”

Where did you draw most of your inspiration for the line?

“I’m inspired by everything around me—from fashion to automobiles, art, history, people, and the natural world. I drew from all of those inspirations to create a hardware collection of elegant pieces that I believe fill a gap in the offerings that are currently available on the market.”

With collections of wall coverings, furniture, pillows, artwork, and more under your belt, what kind of project or design endeavor do you hope to take on next?

“We are excited to continue growing the Thom Filicia home collection and will be venturing into new categories this fall and next year. We are also always inspired by all of the wonderful commercial and residential projects we are working on and look forward to growing our showroom brand, Sedgwick and Brattle, as well.”

Thom Filicia Walks You Through His First Ever Hardware Line 1080x7203

Thom Filicia for Accurate is a line of hardware that is designed to play well together, feel unique and authentic, and be personalized for every project. Each collection can be paired with a variety of backplates ranging in size and design and sold as a complete set.

All designs are made of brass and available in a variety of finishes ranging from polished nickel to saturated black and burnished brass. Available at fine architectural showrooms nationwide, for more information visit