Tim Burton’s Former London Home in Primrose Hill Seeks $27.6M

Director Tim Burton’s famous fantasy movies, from Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands, are often quirky and gothic. But stepping into Eglon House, the London home he rented for years in Primrose Hill, sleek glamour is more the vibe. Now for sale, it comes complete with the workspace where Burton produced Dumbo and is seeking approximately $27.6 million, or £20 million.

Though the five-bedroom abode is clean and bright, it has a feeling of mystery that does harken to the director’s films. Designed by Chassay + Last Architects and design house Russell Sage Studio, the manse is a combination of two interlinked buildings. The result is minimalist yet dramatic, and certainly not quaint with 13,000-square-feet to roam around.

An ultra-cool courtyard separates the two glassy structures. The East Wing has more elaborate statement rooms, such as the grand salon, while the West Wing is more intimate and cozy. Spread out within these terrific sister buildings sits a pool, sauna, steam room, leisure room and gym with a cocktail bar perfect for relaxation or entertaining.

For the movie buffs, the home’s history may be even more enticing than the design. While Burton was living here (he started renting in 2016), the East Wing served as a place he could write and produce Dumbo while the West Wing provided accommodation for executives and staff working to make the film come to life.

Deep pockets are required to purchase this stunner, but a deep appreciation of Tim Burton films is an added bonus. Aston Chase has the posh London listing.