Tina Ramchandani Is the Rising Star Designer You Need to Know About Now

Designer Tina Ramchandani.Who: A native of New Jersey, Tina Ramchandani struggled from a young age to decide on a career path that would suit her. But when she was 19, she went to Mumbai for a family wedding and was captivated by her hotel’s decor. “I didn’t even know what interior design was,” she recounts, “but I was so inspired by what I saw.”

What: Modern spaces featuring clean lines and a dark color palette saturated with grays, blacks, and blues. “There’s no reason to be afraid of using black,” says Ramchandani, whose affinity for the color stems from seeing it in abundance while visiting cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Lisbon. “It pops so well against neutrals.” The designer uses patterns with restraint, arguing that they “tend to go out of style, and I want to create spaces that are timeless.”