Tips on Negotiating from Top Brokers

Brokers Expert Advice1.“If a property has high rental-income potential, it could theoretically carry the home’s costs for an entire year.” —Michaela Keszler

2. “Understand what changes are allowed within local building department guidelines. Then you can determine a property’s maximum potential.” —Rylan Jacka

3. “Consider location, condition, and price point against relevant sales in the area within the past year.” —Cee Scott Brown

Expert Advice for Negotiating Price:

“Starting very low is one approach, but placing multiple bids to test out the ‘softness’ of various developers has become a popular tactic.” —Raphael Avigdor

“Make a realistic offer. Many people end up losing out on what they love because they go too low.” —Michaela Keszler

“A buyer’s willingness to work with the seller’s closing needs can often help win a deal.” —Cathy Taub

“Do your homework, put in a reasonable offer, and keep ego and emotion out of it.”—Susan Breitenbach

“Knowledge is the single best tool, so make sure you’re working with an agent who really understands the market.” —Jackie Lowey

“Show your bona fides up front and be friendly. Don’t drag out a negotiation for too long, and don’t insult the seller.” —Lisa Lippman