Today's fashion takes on a modern edge

Fashion-forward fabrics easily take today's styles from home wear to the office and beyond...

Napoleon’s Josephine made sky-high hairdos adorned with real gems all the rage at the French court;
Coco Chanel introduced strands of pearls; Brigitte Bardot wore itsy-bitsy bikinis; and Jackie Kennedy made pillbox hats a must-have. Each and every one of these styles defined a time in fashion history. Now, in the age of digital technology, and with the onset of revolutionary fabrics, another tectonic shift is taking place. Designers are playing with silhouettes and introducing new techno fabrics to give fashion its modern edge.

Amy Smilovic, founder and owner of Tibi, has grown her brand into a sophisticated and modern collection through the use of these new fabrics and modern-cut silhouettes. “Tibi has always been about simplicity, ease, relaxed, feminine style,” says Smilovic. “That clean silhouette along with these new fabrics—like polyurethane, techy mesh and neoprene in ready-to-wear rather than sportswear—gives the customer something new. We have used these fabrics in dresses, tops, skirts and even for lace overlays. They are our new base.”

Using sportswear fabrics for ready-to-wear has been a trend for a few seasons now. “These trends can be seen with high-end designers,” says Smilovic, “like Céline or Stella or even Alexander Wang. As a Connecticut resident, I am always thinking about what looks good on the pick-up line at my children’s school in Greenwich, as well as at my office in SoHo. Making a sweatshirt body out of neoprene in a beautiful color makes it perfect to wear to a cocktail party in Greenwich or New York because it is modern and new. My customer wants new, and I am always trying to balance the two.”

Smilovic’s approach has brought global success to her brand. “We are available everywhere,” she says, “from Europe to the Middle East, India and Asia. Our customer is interested in looking young and cool. She is pervasively 35 years old, and even if she is really 45, her perfect style was at 35. She wants to look like she put herself together effortlessly.” The challenge now is that “trends are staying around longer and pushing the trend is what it is all about now. People want to explore new things. Being experimental and creative is what defines modern now.”

3 Modern Things You Can’t Live Without, That You Love or Are Inspired by

1. CENTRE POMPIDOU in Paris: I literally just returned from scouting the fabric shows with my design team. Paris is such a romantic and historic city, but you can find everything modern there. I visit the museum every time; it gives me huge inspiration for all of my collections!

2. Right now, I am loving the IPad app UBER (which allows users to call for a driver on demand), and a shopping site called FEYT.

3. I don’t have it yet, but I guarantee you, I will not be able to live without the new EVERPURSE—a chic and trendy clutch that can charge all of my gadgets on the go!