Top Designers Tell Us Their Favorite Space-Saving Trick

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Space-saving trick: corner storage bench

“Make the most of corners and nooks by adding a storage bench. Consider painting or upholstering it in coordinating colors so that it’s defined, attractive, and purposeful.”

Young Huh, interior designer










"Fold a set of bed linens together by placing pillowcases inside the top and bottom sheets, then tying the set together with a ribbon. It will be easier to stack on a shelf.”
Bunny Williams, interior designer

Space-saving tricks; Multi-purpose pieces"Multipurpose pieces are great, such as storage ottomans that can store unsightly items and double as extra seating or be tucked under an entry table.”

Darci Hether, interior designer

“When you’re short on horizontal space, go vertical. Think shelves, bookcases, and built-ins. Make every linear foot of wall space work stylishly for you!”

Elaine Griffin, interior designer

“Incorporate a tall custom bar in a corner to store wine and liquor bottles. They can add visual texture and character.”
Drew McGukin, interior designer

Michelle Smith's space-saving trick




“Fill your bookshelf only with books you reference monthly, and use the extra space to hold practical, yet pretty household items such as serving bowls, neatly organized beverages, and silver candlesticks.”

Michelle Smith, interior designer