Top Interior Designers Tell Us Their Favorite Way to Make a Statement in an Entry

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Shawn Henderson's favorite way to make a statement in an entry is to hang a great piece of art.“Hang a great piece of art—it helps set the tone of the decor overall. For a narrow apartment foyer in the West Village, I used Paul Reed’s graphic Inside Out IV to create visual interest.” —Shawn Henderson, interior designer

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz's taxidermy chicken and rooster make a statement in his own apartment's entry.“I always try to incorporate something humorous or whimsical that defines the owner. In my own apartment, I chose a taxidermy rooster and chicken, which reminds my husband and me of where we came from—Puerto Rico for me, and the Virginia mountains for him.” —Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, interior designer

Rachel Laxer used a sculptural mirror to transform the energy of this entryway.“I like using large, sculptural mirrors to transform the energy of a space.” —Rachel Laxer, interior designer

Kara Mann hung a chandelier to make a statement in this entry.“A gorgeous chandelier is always a showstopper.” —Kara Mann, interior designer