Tour a Stunning Collection of Homes Designed by Robert Dean Architects

Grounded in an intimate knowledge of the history of architecture, the sky's the limit for this firm.
Tour The Versatile Homes Designed By Robert Dean Architects Exterior 1 Neil Landino

Photograph by Neil Landino

Robert Dean Architects came onto the scene more than 30 years ago and has been dazzling clients and design enthusiasts ever since. They consider themselves an updated version of old-school academic architects, celebrating old and new with impeccable taste accompanied by a spirit of adventure.

The firm creates homes to cherish, based on a philosophy that demands an intimate knowledge of and respect for the history of architecture. Of course, today that history is more complex, with modernist principles now coexisting with older romantic and classical traditions. This leads to a body of work that is versatile, vibrant, and inspiring. As Rob Dean says, “We are more interested in the beauty than the logic of creation.”

Tour The Versatile Homes Designed By Robert Dean Architects Midcentury

Photograph by Trevor Tondro

Whether the firm is restoring a treasured midcentury modern or designing a shingle-style dwelling on Block Island, their finished homes arrive from friendly guided collaboration that is palpable in every detail. A high standard of design excellence and communication keeps long-term clients coming back; the firm takes pride in the number of clients for whom it has designed multiple homes.

Tour The Versatile Homes Designed By Robert Dean Architectsinterior 1 Trevor Tondro

Photograph by Trevor Tondro

It’s undeniable that Robert Dean Architects’ portfolio is enormously varied, and this continually breathes life into the firm. The team aims to create homes that are unmistakably fresh, and yet seem somehow familiar, as if they always should have been there.

“I was educated to be an architect during a brief period in the 1970s when history reasserted itself and young architects wanted to hear the long echo of style and form that extends back from where we stand today,” says Dean. “I’ve carried that outlook through my working life.”

Tour The Versatile Homes Designed By Robert Dean Architects Block Island Exterior 2

Dean honed his skills in an early career that crossed the boundaries of academia, the construction business, and employment at internationally-known design firms. In establishing his own firm, Dean has built upon that experience by bringing together people with seasoned and varied talents who enjoy working together.

Designing each and every project with the classical pillars of architecture as their foundation, Robert Dean Architects is up to any challenge and keeps widening its scope. To see more of their stunning projects or work with them on your dream home, visit their website.