Tour an Architectural Masterpiece Listed on a Dreamy Island in Croatia

Often when people think of buying the perfect getaway by the ocean, thoughts of coastal New England homes, Florida residences, or Caribbean villas come to mind, but why not live like royalty right near King’s Landing? The fictional city from Game of Thrones was filmed in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia, and it’s no wonder they chose that location; it is simply breathtaking. A far cry from the stonewalls and tall towers seen on the hit HBO show, this architectural masterpiece on an island nearby is firmly set in modern times, and may even give a glimpse into the future.

Located on Korčula Island, the three-tiered mansion looks like it was beamed down from another planet with its unique sharp-edged roofs and colorful outdoor lighting. While climbing the home’s sleek levels, potential buyers’ level of amazement will also be getting higher.

From the minimalist living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, walls of glass open completely to terraces creating the ultimate indoor/outdoor living experience. There are two infinity pools waiting on the top and bottom level, so a new owner can always switch up where they splash. All the while, panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea will be in sight.

Hugging the lush hillside, this striking home is one-of-a-kind. Had Cersei known it was just a boat ride away, perhaps she would have seized it.

Adding intrigue, the listing does not give away an asking price, so all interested will have to contact Ivan Kovačić of Christie’s International Real Estate.