Tour Beautiful Hamptons Gardens Brought to Life by Summerhill Landscapes

Founder Declan Blackmore shares the great landscape tradition of Ireland with the East End.
Tour Stunning Landscapes Of The Hamptons Created By Summerhill Landscape Architect Rees Roberts And Partners Photographer Scott Frances

Landscape architect: Rees Roberts + Partners | Photograph by Scott Frances

To make beautiful landscapes and gardens come to life, one needs passion and respect for nature. Declan Blackmore had both when he arrived in the United States and founded Hamptons-based Summerhill Landscapes in 1993. Inspired by the great landscape tradition of his native Ireland, Blackmore created a full-service landscape company built on a never-ending pursuit of knowing, understanding, and practicing fine horticulture.

With the motto of “informed by artistry, executed with precision” the firm’s goal is to translate the vision of world-renowned landscape architects into extraordinary gardens. It certainly takes a unique team to do this at the luxurious homes and estates of the Hamptons.

Made up of 150 members today, Summerhill is a true collective with over 300 years of field experience and 64 years of college-level education directly related to the study of horticulture. Passing on this expertise to the next generation is an integral part of the company’s mission. Their long-running internship program is pivotal to the founder, as it reflects how he got his start.

Declan Blackmore originally came to the United States via an internship program and so, early on, he instituted the practice of hosting interns from Irish universities that taught horticulture. He is driven by a strong desire to give back, himself having graduated from Kildalton Agricultural College in 1989. Today, the coveted Summerhill internship program is multinational in its reach. Recent interns have come from China, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland, Germany, India, Spain, and, of course, Ireland and the United States. It is here that Summerhill helps them to take the lessons they learned in the classroom and apply them in the field.

Tour Stunning Landscapes Of The Hamptons Created By Summerhill Photographer Anthony Crissafulli

Photograph by Anthony Crissafulli

Indeed, their dedication to cultivating skills and talent is unparalleled. So, it’s no surprise top design groups want to work with Summerhill to create stunning Hamptons gardens and landscapes. They often collaborate with celebrated architects, designers, builders, and artisans, who have all now played a part in their story.

Tour Stunning Landscapes Of The Hamptons Created By Summerhill Photographer Anthony Crissafulli 5

Photograph by Anthony Crissafulli

From construction to maintenance to lighting, Summerhill Landscapes offers all the landscape services design professionals and homeowners need. Built on sound horticultural principles, their creations shine with natural elegance and evolve from a process that puts communication first. In addition, they provide specialized services like vegetable gardening and plant health care to keep landscapes thriving.

The company brings a wealth of experience in horticulture, project management, and business operations. They continue to stride into the future, expanding their knowledge at every turn to exceed the highest possible standards.

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