Tour Jeff Bezos’ Ever-Growing Palace in the Sky at 212 Fifth Avenue

Jeff Bezos’s love affair with the 212 continues—and while, yes, that means the New York City area code, the Amazon founder and wealthiest person in the world seems more specifically interested in one 212 address in particular. According to Forbes, Bezos recently purchased a fourth condo at 212 Fifth Avenue for $16 million, bringing his total holdings in the building to nearly a whopping $100 million. After creating one of the largest companies in the world, the billionaire might be about to create one of the largest residences in New York City.

Bezos dropped $80 million last year on the high rise’s three-story penthouse and on two apartments on the level directly beneath. Adjacent to the rest, this new apartment brings Bezos’s total to four uninterrupted stories, over 20,000-square-feet, and fifteen bedrooms. Of course, the rumor is that the entrepreneur wants to combine and renovate the spaces. Now that would be a true megamansion.

To leave his newly-acquired digs perfectly intact would not be the worst thing in the world, however. Completely renovated in 2018, the building’s interior architecture is by renowned Pembrooke & Ives, working alongside Helpern Architects. They gracefully embraced modernity while nodding to the early 1900s-built structure’s history. Formal, traditional elements like grand foyers mix with contemporary details and materials, creating something truly masterful.

It’s no wonder Bezos chose this as the place for his NYC palace as it also includes a plethora of building amenities. Neighbors might see the billionaire at the fitness center, treatment room, yoga studio, game room, or trying out the golf simulator.