Traffic Zone

In the kitchen, you need fabrics that can withstand traffic and spills, but do it with style

1. Sina Pearson’s Santa Fe Sun, from the American Southwest Collection with Nano-Tex finish, creates a stain barrier so spills bead up and can be wiped away, (T), 2. Thibaut’s Bolton-Woven, Courtyard collection, #W8454 in Palmetto, of 100 percent high-UV polyester that is mold and mildew resistant, (800) 223-0704, 3. Duralee’s Contract, fabric #90847-41, Blue/Turquoise, with a combination of Nano-Tex and DuraBlock technology that forms a barrier to block stains, (T), Decoration & Design Building, NYC, (212) 752-4040, 4. Carnegie’s Arrival, in polyurethane, available in 15 colors, with permanent silver antimicrobial properties, (T), (800) 727-6770, 5. Numea, (from top to bottom) #267 and #135, made of 100 percent acrylic, mildew-proof and finished with DuPont Teflon® for more protection, (T), available at JAB Anstoetz, (T), D&D, NYC, (212) 486-1500, 6. Clarence House’s Outdoor Lilly, #34328, (from top to bottom) beige, indigo, brown and black in 100 percent acrylic, for indoor and outdoor use, (T), D&D, NYC, (212) 752-2890, (T) = to the trade only.