Trellis: The New Honeycomb

The honeycomb shape has been a very important element in design, whether in interiors, fabrics, or packaging.

I must admit – I have the best job in the world. The universe gave me the ability to design, to create beautiful environments and to make my clients and my own fantasies a reality. In my posts, I will introduce you to my world of design, through events and lifestyle items that I’ve created or discovered through work and travel.

The trellis pattern has become the new honeycomb. It’s less expensive to manufacture, which could be one reason for its recent popularity, given the recession.







Photo courtesy of


Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel

Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel

Photo courtesy of Yas Marina Development 


We’re beginning to see it more and more in architecture (above) and in fabrics. The trellis has been an inspiration for me as a design element for my events. The first time I used the trellis was to create lounges for the Piaget Gold Cup in Wellington, Florida.


Piaget Gold Cup, Wellington, FL

Photo courtesy of Shiraz

Most recently, I used trellises for OUT magazine’s OUT 100 Awards. I incorporated the design as a backdrop to the Buick Regal, in the press backdrop and in the graphic content for the 120’ video wall at the Frank Gehry–designed IAC Building.



OUT 100

Photo courtesy of Shiraz Events


The trellis can be a very inexpensive way for you to divide rooms. And with a layer of glossy paint, you can give it a contemporary touch. Add back lighting, and it can create texture in your home, especially at night.

In my next blog post, I’ll show you images from all of my creations for Art Basel in Miami.

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