Tricia Izzo and Carolyn Kron's Pool House Redesign

Pool house

Tricia Izzo, Carolyn Kron
Shelter Interiors, LLC

For Milford natives Tricia Izzo and Carolyn Kron, walking into the pool house was like stepping back into 1985—around the time when it was built. “Next to the gorgeous pool, we were shocked to see bland, minimal finishes,” says Kron.

In the two separate spaces—a beverage area and a bathroom—the women were met with exposed plumbing and wires (walls weren’t Sheetrocked). Another challenge: Since it’s the only ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant facility on the property, it had to remain so for public accessibility purposes. “That nixed our shower idea,” says Kron. The designers also lost six inches in building out the beverage area wall. With electrical work hidden, the glass-tile backsplash shines without interference. Norwalk-based NuKitchens also created a cohesive, solid wall of cabinetry that meets flush with the ceiling (thus giving the illusion of increased height) and maximizes storage potential. And Izzo and Kron thoughtfully designed a bathroom that’s devoid of the pitfalls (too utilitarian, too bulky) commonly associated with the ADA-compliancy concept.

“It also needed a shot of glamour,” adds Izzo. “Walking around the property, we pictured stars like Rita Hayworth and Clark Gable lounging poolside. That ignited our 1940s getaway theme.” They started with black and white, then brought in aqua and green in the woodwork, cabinetry and wall coverings. “Now, it’s definitely more jewel box than shoe box,” Kron laughs.

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