Entertaining Beautifully

Aerin Lauder serves up imaginative ideas for celebrations year round.
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Photography by Simon Upton

Style icon, hostess extraordinaire and author, Aerin Lauder knows how to throw a party. In her book Entertaining Beautifully (Rizzoli New York) coming out this fall, Lauder serves up imaginative ideas for celebrations year round. In the chapter, “Come for Cocktails,” she explains:

“One of the simplest ways to entertain is to have friends stop by for drinks. You don’t need to cook, it can be impromptu or a planned prelude to heading out to dinner. I believe in having a bar, console table, or even just a tray always at the ready, set up with drinks and snacks such as nuts and chips in small gold or silver bowls. That way, even if someone drops by unexpectedly, it’s easy to make them feel welcome.”

The Grayhound From Gray Barns

Photography by Noah Fecks

Tavern at Gray Barns in Silvermine offers up its signature concoction—The Grayhound.

“I love the Grayhound because of its healthy inclusion of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. You can batch it and keep in the refrigerator for several days at a time. We like to use a rosemary sprig cut fresh from our Tavern kitchen garden as a signature garnish to the drink. The fresh rosemary gives the drink an herbaceous scent and summer freshness.” – Marsha Glazer, owner, Tavern at Gray Barns 


  1. 3.5 oz of Vodka of your choosing (we like to use Kettle One)
  2. 4.5 oz fresh-squeezed grapefruit 
  3. Rosemary for garnish 

The print version of this article appeared with the headline: Setting the Bar.