Voce di—a New Voice in Luxury Lifestyle

Mis en Scene proprietors launch a new design emporium, Voce di. One of C&G’s favorite bloggers, Quintessence writer Stacey Bewkes gives us the exclusive.

In an old metal workshop in the heart of SoHo, a new voice in luxury lifestyle has been heard. Voce di is "the voice of" its owners, designers and customers, a voice that extols the highest standards of culture, craftsmanship, and creativity. Representing exclusive European kitchen design, furniture, furnishings and art, Voce di is about transforming environments into relaxed yet sophisticated spaces for enjoying the true luxuries of life – great design, art, music, meals and the company of friends and family.

Co-founded by interior designer and luxury retailer Claire Maestroni and designer and developer Giorgio Stefano, Voce di is their vision for a unique store/gallery collaboration. Maestroni, also the proprietor of the chic upscale Mise en Scene in Greenwich, CT, has long been a champion of emerging artists as expressed in her Artelier space.

Stefano, an internationally published designer, has had a twenty year career managing high end Italian companies, designing showrooms for such prestigious brands as Palazzetti, Ambienti Italia, and DOM/Valcucine and coordinating projects with Italian manufacturers, developers and builders.

Central to the design and spirit of the space are the stunning minimalistic kitchens of minotticucine. Using natural materials in pure geometric shapes, they are timeless in their elegant simplicity.


The ultimate synthesis of form and function, these stone and wood kitchens are effortless to keep and have the ability to age naturally, creating a patina of time that belies the innovative technology housed within.

The ancient stone, indigenous to their Verona locale, is formed into remarkably thin veneers on the units, creating kitchens of "visual silence" and beauty.

Free from the excesses of hinges, handles and hardware, there is a sophisticated dignity to these monolithic shapes housing cutting edge performance kitchens. It is again about transformation, both from the primordial materials to a clear vision of modern purity and the revolutionary effect these functioning forms of art have on the spaces they occupy. Take for example, this ultimate statement in flawless subtlety, perfect for an open loft-like space.

These quiet giants let the art around them speak, such as Kenneth Cobonpue's signature rattan furniture. Also using indigenous organic materials combined with innovative production techniques, his creations are another original voice in the Voce di chorus. How perfectly does the fabulous Dragnet Lounge Chair add an airy textural quality to the linear forms of the kitchen behind.

His whimsical Bloom chair is as comfortable as it is unique.


Upholstered furniture is represented by Marie's Corner from Belgium. Characterized by a combination of comfort, handcrafted quality and customization, its personalized approach to production fits in perfectly with the Voce di aesthetic and philosophy. This casually chic sectional is paired with a custom table by a Swiss artist and Asia Minor carpet.

In the upstairs lounge, furniture, art and handcrafted pieces create a comfortable eclectic mix.

Asia Minor carpets is a third generation company, that employs master craftspeople all over Turkey who, using centuries old techniques, spin, dye and weave traditional rugs and kilims. Their over dyed patchwork carpets are another case of transformation, a wonderful modern adaptation of an ancient product, providing a new look perfectly suited to contemporary surroundings.

Art from both established and emerging artists are given voice at Voce di. Statement pieces abound from this tactile work by painter Paul Manes to the fashionably chic photography of Patrick Ibanez.

Voce di is all about a contemporary lifestyle for those who embrace experience as luxury, for whom the combination of new technology and hand crafted materials is a natural progression. This is an innovative international aesthetic that is all about a passion for living and the connections between the consumer, the product and a way of life. And in this spirit, the space will soon serve as a platform for performances and interdisciplinary events to give voice to designers, artists and companies who share this ideal.