Decorate your home with the wonders of the great outdoors with this collection of beautiful designer wallpaper inspired by fields, trees, butterflies and more.

Field Inspired Wallpaper (Clockwise from top left) Stark’s Flora wallpaper in Blush by Jocelyn Warner, #WJP-901. Clarence House’s Caterpillar Leaf  wain Mugha Mud, #WV4CAT-08. Cowtan & Tout’s Belle Grove. Jim Thompson’s Imari. Clarke & Clarke’s Kami in Lacquer, from the Showstoppers collection. Sanderson’s Woodlands in Pink/Lilac, #DOIL211085, from the Bloomsbury Canvas collection.



GOLD LEAF Wallpaper (clockwise from top left) Studio Four’s Michelle in Adirondacks on the Front Porch by Madison and Grow. Harlequin’s Grasses in Coral Pewter, #110155, from the Kallianthi collection. Anna French’s Wisteria in #WIS WP 093, #AT1002. Sanderson’s Leaf in Linden/Cobalt, #DOIL211081, from the Bloomsbury Canvas collection. York’s Fern by Stacy Garcia, #GC0717. Nina Campbell’s Salix, #NCW4021-04, from the Sylvana collection. Osborne & Little’s Silvernake, #W5793-05, from the Folia collection.
ROUGH IT Wallpaper (above on right) Thibaut’s Martinique in Tobacco, #839-T-7026, from the Natural Resource collection. Gardenhouse’s Summer Daisies in Lavender, from the GardenWalls line. Studio E’s Tara in Onyx, #1640, from the Venetian Plaster collection. Philip Jeffries’ Bamboo Forest, #4101. GardenWalls wall coverings available through Gardenhouse, West Palm Beach, FL, 561-832-8260, gardenhousedecor.net.

Tree-Inspired WAllpaper (clockwise from top left) Cole & Son’s Corallo in Grey, #77/4014. Designers Guild’s Arboretum in Lapis, #PQ008/05, from the Rosa Chinesis collection. Cowtan & Tout’s Wintertree by Larsen, #L6045. Newlon Collection’s Park Bark 1. Maya Romanoff’s Aijro Sunburst in Gunmetal, AS-3X02-P-15.




SECRET GARDEN WAllpaper (left, clockwise from top left) In toolbox: Harlequin’s Giselle in Silver and Red, #110135, from the Delphine collection. Clarke & Clarke’s Hula in Fuchsia, #W0025/01, from the Showstoppers collection. On table: Motif Design’s Oiseaux de Paradise Red by Pierre Deux French Country. Stark’s Poppy in Viola by Jocelyn Warner, #JWP-1004. Trove’s Hundun in 003.
PEWTER PETALS Wallpaper (right, from left) Cole & Son’s Inside Out in Light Taupe, #83/10040. Nina Campbell’s Bowhill, #NCW4063-04, from the Montacute collection. Clarke & Clarke’s Dahlia in Slate, #W0017106, from the Showstoppers collection. Harlequin’s Nettles in Pearl/Fuchsia/Dark Pebble, #110173, from the Kallianthi collection. Schumacher’s Ottoman Flower in Heliotrope, #50055082, from the Modern Nature collection.




DAILY HARVEST WAllpaper (clockwise from top left) Pierre Frey’s Ombre in Pink by Boussac, #W4641001. Designers Guild’s Cecily in Pistachio, #P508-01, from the Whitewell collection. Clarke & Clarke’s Rosita in Raspberry, #W0020/01, from the Showstoppers collection. Thibaut’s Helena in Lime Green, #T4106. Clarence House’s Birdtree in Canary Yellow, #WV3BIR.

TULIP MANIA (left) Galbraith & Paul’s Tulip in China Blue.
SUNBURST (center) Weitzner Limited’s Eden, #WED121-01, from the Nature collection.
BARN DANCE (right, from left) Pierre Frey’s Radzimir in Peony by Boussac, #W4669004. Harlequin’s Ophelia in Coral and Neutral, #110145, from the Delphine collection. Schumacher’s Bali Vine in Mocha, #5005002, from the Modern Nature collection. Clarence House’s Lyford Key. Osborne & Little’s Arizona, #W5081-04.




STINGER WAll (clockwise from top left) Farrow & Ball’s Bumblebee, #BP547. Schumacher’s Birds and Butterflies in Multi on White, from the Modern Nature collection. Brett Design’s Snake in Chloe Bag Camel and South Hampton Lilacs.

TAKE FLIGHT (right, from left) Cole & Son’s Dovedale in Duckegg, from A Collection of Flowers. Clarke & Clarke’s Indara in Damson, from the Showstoppers collection. Thibaut’s Ecuador in Lilac. Manuel Canovas’ Sark, #0305213B. Galbraith & Paul’s Birds in Cadet. On ladder: Studio Four’s Dandelion Creatures in Greener Pastures by Flat Vernacular. Lillian August Rustic birdcage, #HY5292, Norwalk, 203-847-1596, lillianaugust.com.
MONKEY BUSINESS (right) Cole & Son’s Frutto Proibito in Gold. Osborne & Little’s Howletts, #W5731-04, from Wallpaper Album 5.