Why Organizational Services Are The Hottest New Amenity in Luxury Condos

30 Warren

Who knew organization could be so trendy? Possibly Marie Kondo, the creator the tidying consultant business KonMari, has inspired the trend of decluttering homes with her best-selling book-turned-Netflix original, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

New for residential buildings, NYC real estate developers are taking organizational matters into their hands, offering efficient programs to residence for tidying up their living spaces. The following developers have teamed up with an array of consultants and home services to give new owners an easier and refined way to organizing their homes:

Avora, a condominium located in Weehawken on the Hudson River has created a plethora of amenities and a monthly events calendar for residence to take advantage of. NEAT Methods, one of the organizing companies used in this partnership will be hosting a private organization demonstration at the building, showing residence how to create a clutter-free, optimal-use living space.

30 Warren
This Manhattan development has partnered with Hudson Lagrange offering customized closets for residents. The building realizing each tenant has an unique way of organizing their belongings, thought partnering up with HL creates a personal touch to the list of amenities available.

INSTRATA Residence
For residence that want a one-on-one tidying experience for their homes, INSTRATA is allowing residents to book at a discounted fee with KonMari-trained specialists to help provide them with a simpler more organized space.