Why the Elaborate Franciacorta Wine Region Needs to be on Your Radar

Italy is obviously a magical travel destination. From the incredible food and wine to the culture, there are plenty of things to see and do when you venture to this charming Eurpean country. During a recent travel adventure, I had the opportunity to visit Franciacorta, a region renowned for their Franciacorta wine method. I had never heard of this process, and was instantly fasinated by the elaborate method. 

The process starts when producers use the highest quality grapes, many of which are organic, where they then separted into oak or steel tanks with yeast for fermination. Around one year later, the wine is stacked in cellars where they undergo another level of fermination, which can last for an additional 6 to 18 months. The wines then undergo a period of disgorgement that involves freezing the cap of the wine to remove the yeast. Typically, this is also when the sugar is added into the wines. Due to the climate and environment at Franciacorta, there is little-to-no sugar added where the wines are then tasted and packaged and ready for consumption. The result is a sparkling wine that is complex, crisp, and refreshing. During the visit, I also enjoyed numerous restaurants, a cooking class, a yacht tour and yoga, which made the region a welcome escape from nearby Milan. 

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Franciacorta Wine Region