Winning Tables

At the Hampton Classic, the competition for the best-looking table had the crowd jumping with excitement

The tents were abuzz with anticipation at September’s Hampton Classic—not only for the thrilling show-jumping competition, but also for the inspiring table decorations dreamed up by Grand Prix event attendees. At the HC&G table, designer Lynn Butler Beling of the Product Gallery (pictured at far right, with associate Amy West) devised a crisp black-and-white scheme incorporating cream and linen accents; 
each place setting was tied with a different black-and-white-striped grosgrain ribbon. Simple potted succulents and barely-there glassware completed the look. Lynn Butler Beling, the Product Gallery, 800-925-0724,

Second-place winner Firefly Farm, whose table was designed by Sag Harbor– and New York–based decorator Steven Gambrel, featured a groaning-board theme of farm-fresh fall produce (above left). Nespresso’s Michelle McFaul incorporated coffee machines and a layer of shimmery blue coffee pods into her whimsical third-place design (above right).

HC&G gave its top design award, Best in Show, to New York– and Water Mill–based designer Marsia Holzer, who outfitted her table with a series of cast horse heads that “look like they came from ancient Greece,” sunk into boxwood from her own garden.