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Wallpaperdirect brings classic British style to the US and has exclusive designs you need to see.
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Wallpaper has long been dressing up homes, adding personality and flair to any space. From striking and colorful designs to neutral and textured patterns, there is a wallpaper look for everyone.

Wallpaperdirect is a leading online wallcoverings store where you can find designs to make your spaces pop. It is built on the expert experience and resources of Brewers, the UK’s top independent decorator’s supplier, with more than 170 stores in the UK and over 116 years of experience in the business supplying wallpaper, paint, decorating supplies, and fabrics to the most demanding professional decorators and homeowners alike. The Brewers’ company is a proud holder of The Royal Warrant, supplying decorating materials to Her Majesty The Queen.

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The brand has been supplying equally discerning customers in the US from their UK site since launching Wallpaperdirect online over 20 years ago in 1999. On July 4, 2013 an American business was born, Wallpaperdirect Inc. working alongside its cousins in the UK.

US customers are often drawn to wallpapers that embrace classic British design, like those from William Morris and Sanderson. They love the quality of these wallpapers and the ease.

Wallpaperdirect has them printed on non-woven, heavyweight paper, which means the paste can be applied directly to the wall. This is cleaner and quicker. There has been a strong trend in Europe, and now developing in the US, for these papers as they don’t require soaking time. Especially exciting, they are much easier to remove when it comes time to change the paper. With this in mind, you can make changes at home more frequently than in the past. Mix it up whenever the mood strikes.

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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen @wallpaperdirect.com

To help you decide on your next look, the company offers two free samples and each additional sample is just $1. They have over 14,000 products on-site ranging from wallpaper and fabric to cushions and room dividers. In addition, they offer custom curtains and blinds.

The US base of operations is located in Tennessee and lead by Alise Heemstra. The dedicated US team supports customers with helpful advice and answers to all their decorating questions, plus US-based returns. Sample orders are processed every weekday so delivery to customers is fairly quick. There’s even an in-house magazine published bi-annually that showcases new collections, brands, trends, and offers helpful decorating and installation advice.

Discover Wonderful Wallpapers From Across The Pond Wallpaperdirect Sanderson Exclusive Chairs

Sanderson Exclusive @wallpaperdirect.com

Wallpaperdirect is a brand house bringing the highest quality wallpapers to the USA and has exclusive relationships with Sanderson and William Morris. Wallpaperdirect Global Manager and Vice President, Melanie Adams, has created collections with the design teams at Sanderson and Morris in the UK introducing new updated colors to some of their iconic designs. Sanderson prints these collections in England and they are only available through Wallpaperdirect.

The Wallpaperdirect team also works with talented young designers to bring beautiful wallpapers to the market as well as highly-acclaimed international designers such as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, recognized globally for his interior design skills.

As the demand for wallpaper continues to grow, Wallpaperdirect is dedicated to finding the best wallpapers in the world. Visit wallpaperdirect.com to shop now and make your spaces pop.