You Can Call a 'Game of Thrones' Castle Home for Just $650K

You Can Call a Game of Thrones Castle Home for Just $650K

For anyone who watches Game of Thrones, the Red Wedding in season three is an unforgettable affair. Don’t worry, though, there are no spoilers here for Game of Thrones rookies; we’re far more intrigued by the fact that a portion of the castle where this scene took place is now up for sale. 

Known as Riverrun on the hit HBO program, Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland is a vision of strength and has a history that rivals some of the show’s plot lines. The second Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson, built it in the mid-1800s and following Earls of Gosford passed the residence down the line until 1921. Though it was constructed to be a grand aristocratic home, it took on an entirely different role when it became a prisoner of war camp during World War II. It was used for military purposes again during The Troubles before becoming a hotel in 1983. So, much like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a castle by its façade. 

The structure’s story is nowhere near over, however. After becoming a war camp, then a hotel, then a TV star, there’s no telling what the future holds and for a minimum of €500,000, approximately $650,000, someone can begin writing it’s next chapter. Along with roof gardens and grand halls, a new owner would acquire enough space to create six luxurious apartments with 3,500-square-feet each and a total of 23 bedrooms. 

Although, since winter is coming and the castle has no heating system, that update may take precedence when a deal closes.  

Maison Real Estate has the unique listing, which was first reported by the NY Post.