An Exquisite Bioclimatic Home on the Island of Milos

This island oasis will you have been planning your next vacation.

Previously featured in the December 2019 issue of NYC&G. Read the full story here.


Sun-kissed, hard-partying Mykonos was the only thing I knew about the Greek islands before I traveled to Milos to shoot this sensationally designed house on a dramatic hillside above the sea. Located at the western edge of the Cyclades, Milos is relatively easy to get to by ferry or small plane, but for some reason it has played second fiddle on the tourist circuit—even though its unparalleled beauty is no longer a well-kept secret.

This shoot was different in many ways. We had maybe two hours of blazing sunshine, then the clouds rolled in and it rained for a day and a half. There were no sources for flowers or other styling props, so we simply stopped along the roadside to gather fennel stems and branches from lemon and fig trees. Chill air and a harsh wind buffeted our faces during a postprandial stroll in Plaka, the island’s capital, and high waves crashed over the roadside in the port, forcing restaurants to close. Milos struck me as a place where nature still holds all the cards, and that’s probably why I love everything about it. — K. C.

The print version of this article appears with the headline: Grecian Formula.
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