Explore Eggersmann’s Eye-Catching New Design Collection

Modern perfection, but with a nod to style from the renaissance and neoclassical periods.
Minimalist Perfection Eggersmann Launches Lausanne Cabinetry Kitchen

Photograph courtesy of eggersmann

Ever pushing the boundaries and modernizing age-old styles, German kitchen company eggersmann just launched a new cabinetry collection that will quickly captivate design enthusiasts. A range of wood veneer doors called Lausanne, these creations offer a new look for designers and architects to consider. Only the best will do at eggersmann, and this collection exceeds all expectations.

Minimalist Perfection Eggersmann Launches Lausanne Cabinetry Oven

Photograph courtesy of eggersmann

Defined by a slatted and grooved design, Lausanne is a 21st-century take on the dentil style employed in the neoclassical, Greek revival, and renaissance periods. The beauty of historic columns and ornate carvings has been given a sleek twist and channeled into this modern collection.

Inspiring designers to play with lines and dimensions, these doors can be used vertically or horizontally. The finishes they are available in, natural oak and silver oiled oak, are also included in eggersmann’s smooth Vancouver range creating endless possibilities. When infused into a space together, the flat and textured doors balance each other exquisitely.

Minimalist Perfection Eggersmann Launches Lausanne Cabinetry Glass

Photograph courtesy of eggersmann

As with all of eggersmann’s collections, Lausanne is customizable down to the millimeter so you can have a one-of-a-kind look in the heart of your home. The doors are flexible in detail and finish. See more details about the Lausanne dentil-molding style cabinet fronts.

Learn more about this clever cabinetry collection and Eggermann’s many innovations on their website. From their enticing glass doors to their sliding kitchen countertops, there is so much to discover.