Glenn Close Says Goodbye to Her Quaint Bedford Hills, NY Farmhouse

Glenn Close has been closing deals and moving forward in 2020. In February, the celebrated actress sold her beloved Bedford Hills, New York residence and now she has parted ways with a second, adjacent property. These homes were not strategic investments or hardly-used getaways, but the very grounds where she lived for 30 years and even where her daughter’s wedding was held. Selling this farmhouse home she picked up in 1993 is her official goodbye to owning in the area. An interior designer purchased it, planning to give it a whole new look.

The almost 3,000-square-foot abode, which functioned as a guest house and caretaker’s home for Close, captures the charm of New York state. It has hand-hewn beams, aged floors, and exquisite millwork, all while sitting on one of the oldest roads in star-studded Bedford. Unlike Close’s former estate nearby, dubbed Beanfield after the sweet nickname of “Bean” for her daughter Annie, the farmhouse still needs a darling moniker.

Throughout the actress’s time living at Beanfield and hosting at this nearby farmhouse, she kept an apartment in NYC, but Bedford was home. “She did a beautiful job restoring the properties,” remarks Director of Communications at Ginnel Real Estate, Jaclene Ginnel. The land flourishes with wildflowers and bluebirds come every year; it is simply the kind of happy place where animals instinctively know to visit.

After spending less time there, Close decided to move on from both enchanting holdings. They listed this year with longtime friend Muffin Dowdle of Ginnel Real Estate and Ben Ginnel brought the buyers for both sales.

Ever-inviting, Bedford Hills will surely welcome the A-lister as a visitor if she ever wishes to drop by and reminisce.