The Weeknd’s Striking LA Penthouse at the Beverly West Lists for $22.5M

Just yesterday, The Weeknd dropped his latest album ‘Dawn FM.’ But, perhaps most importantly to those plugged into real estate, he also dropped a hot LA listing earlier this week. Whenever the musician makes moves, previously listing a Hidden Hills mansion or renting a cool NYC apartment, it gives a peek into the way the Grammy Award-winner lives and the chance to follow suit. Now, as his new songs hit ears all over the world, the celeb’s penthouse at the Beverly West condominium is available, too, seeking $22.5 million.

Spanning the building’s entire 18th floor and marketed as “The Mogul” penthouse, this approximately 8,000-square-foot home high above LA’s neighborhoods provides 360-degree views of the city. Whether waking up in one of the four bedrooms or entertaining in the chef’s kitchen, walls of glass flow on to reveal stunning sunsets and glimmering, rather than blinding, lights. It also has multiple balconies.

Throughout the home, the clean and almost futuristic interiors curated by interior designer Lisa Garriss, principal of Plum Design West, stun as much as the vistas. A myriad of marbles, accent lighting, and high-quality materials continuously impress. And, depending on where you are in the penthouse, you can watch golfers play on the adjacent Los Angeles Country Club’s fairways or go gaze out to the Pacific Ocean. Every vantage point captures LA.

La La Land is undoubtedly on display and lavish here. For someone who can afford this posh penthouse owned by one of the most popular contemporary artists in the game, Angel Salvador of The Beverly Hills Estates has the listing.