A 1910 French Townhouse Receives a Glowing Renovation

Furniture designer, Christophe Delcourt invites us into his harmonious abode.

Previously featured in the December 2017 issue of NYC&G. Read the full story here.

Whenever he’s craving some sea air, Paris-based furniture designer Christophe Delcourt retreats to the sweet life in historic Honfleur. “We consider Honfleur like home—much more than Paris, which is just the city where we have to be for work” — Christophe Delcourt


Whenever I visit Paris, I try to get away for a day or two to see other parts of France, so I was excited to shoot the French townhouse of furniture designer Christophe Delcourt and lighting designer Jérôme Aumont in the charming port city of Honfleur, in Normandy. For centuries, artists have been drawn to Honfleur’s slate-covered houses, lambent light, shimmery water, and briny fresh air, and with good reason.

The night after shooting the French townhouse, we dined at a quayside bistro popular for its folksy cuisine à la maison. Seated at our second-floor table overlooking the water, we suddenly became aware of slightly perturbed, jealous looks coming our way from the restaurant’s other patrons. Apparently, we had been seated at a table occupied by Brigitte Macron only days before, and it was a hot ticket. As we sipped on Calvados and bit into apple cake, we couldn’t help but smile. —K. C.

The print version of this article appears with the headline: Normal Persuasion.
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