Made in New York

Artists and artisans from New York who are making bold statements.
S.constantine Drawking On Napkin

Photography by Doug Young


The Made in New York series is a compilation of talented visionaries from New York. From entrepreneurs to artists, they all have incredible work to share.

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Painted Linens by Sandra Constantine
“Table linens should add delight to the dining experience,” says the artist, “and be an expression of who you are.”

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Meet Brooklyn-Based Ceramist Jane D’Haene
At her studio in Brooklyn’s Industry City, D’Haene works clay by hand as well as on a potter’s wheel, modestly describing her efforts as “playing, and a constant state of experimentation.”

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Meet a Self-Taught Jewelry Designer with Tons of Creativity 
Michael Drury doesn’t like to limit himself to just one discipline. Instead, the artisan allows inspiration to guide his creative endeavors, which currently include sculpture and metal jewelry.

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Ceramist Rosario Varela lets Artistic Impulses Guide the Way
Varela continues to paint as well as explore new clay techniques, choosing not to use molds to produce her wheel-thrown and hand-built decorative vessels, wall sculptures, and tableware.

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Meet Interior Designer Brooke Moorhead
“Interior design is an everyday experience,” she says. “A beautiful space can really change your perception and shape your feelings, no matter what your mood.”

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Meet Hackett Interiors: A Rising Design Firm Run By Two Sisters
“Fostering relationships with clients and seeing a project come to fruition is really rewarding,” Erin says, to which her sister adds, “We’re really blessed to have established a great work-life balance together. We are connected now more than ever.”

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Meet Interior Designer Marc Houston: A Rising Star Who Pushes the Boundaries
“With each of my projects, my goal is to promote quality, challenge convention, and chase innovation,” Houston says. “I don’t want to be ascribed to a singular style—I am far too excited by experimentation and exploration to limit my palette.”

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Meet the Designer: Matteo Gennari
Combining a love of carpentry that he inherited from his woodworker father with his own passion for food, former hotel chef Matteo Gennari has evolved into one of the world’s most innovative kitchen designers.

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Meet Alexis Varbero: The Woman Behind the Schwartz Design Showroom
We find vendors on social, in obscure places, or from the furniture markets (which can be crazy). Mostly, though, we listen to our clients. Most of our newer relationships have come from recommendations from the designer. I love that the designers trust us with these relationships.

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Meet Ceramist Shelley Simpson: The Designer at Mud Australia
On her desk at Mud Australia’s headquarters outside Sydney, ceramist Shelley Simpson proudly displays the first hand-thrown pot she ever made, a reminder of the company’s humble beginnings in a shed-cum-studio behind her former home.

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Meet the Husband-and-Wife Team Behind Brooklyn’s Keep
In 2015, he and his wife, Susan Spiranovich, a fellow Cleveland institute of Art grad, co-founded the glass lighting company Keep. “I’ve been watching Adam blow glass since he first started,” says Spiranovich, “and I, too, eventually fell in love with the process.”

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Meet Brooklyn-Baed Artisan Jame Israelow
This self-taught artisan weaves highly textured fabrics—often bearing perfectly imperfect linear patterns in primarily neutral tones—which she ultimately transforms into throw pillows and sells under the label Hart Made.